Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Working from home

            I have been looking into working at home jobs. I have also got a new blog. Click here to see it. I have meny differrnt things I am working on. I have my craft site Donna's Little Angel Shop. I  also have Data Entry I'm doing. I have Google and Amazom stuff I'm doing.  I'm trying and trying. I have gone to look for jobs outside the house. But that isn't working none at all. If anyone have any ideas, that will not cost anything please leave me a message.

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Della said...

Hey there! I just visited your other blog, and your store. Just a little advice.Download GIMP,(it's FREE) it's a photo editing program. It's easy to use, and your pics will be so much better!
My daughter got it for me, and I love it! I usually sharpen to about 60%. That has been a 'go to' number so far, and it has worked great! Good luck in everything you do, it can't be easy raising 2 kids alone.
Take care, hun!