Thursday, March 25, 2010

N-Viro International Corporation

           N-Viro International Corporation is a company that mixes waste products from the coal combustion electric generation, cement and lime industries. In other words they take waste and make into fertilizer or patented biomass alternative energy fuel. They do treat and recycle wastewater sledges and other bio-organic wastes, utilizing certain alkaline and mineral by-products produced by the cement, lime, electric utilities and other industries.  has been in business for 15 years providing material to area farmers and to the horticultural community. N-Viro International Corporation has also been used by the University of Toledo and by the Toledo Botanical Gardens, and is blended with other materials to make commercial bulk and bagged topsoil. Go here to see their web site it really is something to read.

             American farmers use more N-Viro Soil annually than all other lime treated biosolids-derived products combined. N-Viro Soil is also used in landscaping and horticulture, land reclamation, landfill cover material, silviculture, topsoil blending, and as a soil amendment. N-Viro is often blended with materials and bagged for use in home gardens.  We eat food everyday that comes from farms that uses the fertilizer from this company so it is safe.  

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