Saturday, April 10, 2010

How to blog and make money

         Well, I am on a few sites I would like to tell you about. I'm going to put a few links on here for you to use and make your own money. I like writing for these sites and I thank I have done my best writing on there as well.

       These are the best sites I have found I really like to write for. I just started not long ago. But I have been making money so check them out. They are all free to sign up. Helium does say you won't be able to write for some people until you are qualified. They are only talking about stars. You write some articles and you will get a star if it is really good. You don't have to look around for an upgrade button. I also want to give you this one last link. You can upload pictures, blogs you have already wrote, and more and get paid for it and it's free to sign up.


Raphilon said...

That is great info and advice, it is always good to get some money making tips, i have bookmarked those websites and will sign up soon, thanks for sharing.

Leafygreens08 said...

Hi Donna! I saw you joined my blog and decided to return the favor. Us writers/bloggers need to stick together and such friendships can very helpful and inspiring.